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Create digital art using your pen

If you would like to draw digital graphics using a pen in your hands, here is a gadget for you.
The XP Pen Artist Pro 16 Graphic Tablet is a tool designed for artists who would like to use the power of computers and the skill of their hands to create stunning images.
It is slim, light, easy to use, very responsive to the touch, smooth, and many other features. It makes the perfect digital canvas that any artist would love.
XPPen Artist Pro 16 Graphic Tablet

Pen Display
15.4-inch screen
Anti-glare film
Full lamination

Package Includes:
1x 15.4"Pen Display
1x X3 Elite Plus Stylus
1x 3-in-1 USB Cable
1x Extension Cord
1x Power Adapter
1x Pen Case(including 9 pen nibs)
1x Cleaning Cloth
1x Black Drawing Glove
1x Quick Guide
1x Warranty Card

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